Pharmacists working in a labWith the human immune system looking and functioning like a multifaceted network of cells and organs that function to fight off infectious microorganisms that bring harm to your overall wellbeing, much of the immune system should be in its full condition to help brawl with the mentioned harmful organisms. To help with the effective functioning of the immune system, vaccinations are required.

There are different types of vaccinations. Such of these are the:

  • Live, attenuated vaccines
    These vaccines are the weakened counterpart of a microbe that has been so weakened that it cannot cause diseases anymore. They serve as “teachers” to the immune system, letting the immune system elicit a strong cellular antibody response that often bestows lifelong immunity in a single or two dosages.
  • Inactivated vaccines
    These types of vaccines are similar to the live ones in terms of function but instead of being weakened, they are killed with the use of radiation, heat or chemicals. Therefore, these types of vaccines are weaker than the live ones so they must be taken with greater dosages.
  • Subunit vaccines
    The subunit vaccines only include the antigens that best stimulate the immune system and contain only the essential antigens that make up the microbe.
  • Toxoid vaccines
    These are vaccines that counteract the harmful secretion generated by bacteria in the body system.
  • Conjugated vaccines
    Some harmful bacteria that enter the human system coat themselves with an outer sugar coating known as polysaccharides. In order to fight off these mutated bacteria, scientists develop conjugated vaccines.
  • DNA vaccines
    These vaccines target microbes with a strong antibody response to the so-called free floating antigen that are secreted by the cells. They, in turn, fuel a strong cellular response in opposition to the microbial antigens on cell surfaces. Though these types may seem complex, they are easier to produce since they came from the DNA of the microbes themselves.
  • Recombinant vector vaccines
    Similar to the live, attenuated vaccines, recombinant vector vaccines were altered by scientist to, instead of producing an infection, stimulate the immune system.

Vaccines may be hard to understand but with the help of our pharmacists and in coordination with your physicians, you may be able to avail a vaccine that is suitable to fight infections and disease-causing bacteria. Regardless of what type of vaccines you need, Newport Pharmacy, Inc. has all the types of vaccine available today.

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