Welcome to Newport Pharmacy, Inc.

Newport Pharmacy, Inc. is a provider of Pharmacy Services and Medication Therapy Management in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Your need for a safe and trusted pharmacy services provider is now made available at Newport Pharmacy, Inc.. with cutting edge compounding technology, medicines, vaccines, vitamins and many more that are specialized to your healthcare needs. Our team of professional pharmacists can prepare and dispense your prescription medicines with speed and accuracy.

Through our efficient and updated website, you can now enjoy and inquire more about our services.

We proudly serve all of Hudson County’s communities.

Feel free to email us with any comment, inquiries or concerns regarding our website or any matter. We would love to assist you!

FREE Pick Up and Delivery of Prescriptions


Our mission at Newport Pharmacy is to care for patients, from the services we provide to the way in which we give back to the community. At Newport Pharmacy, we strive to set an example for independent retail pharmacy, responsibility and leadership.


Our vision at Newport Pharmacy is to be the safest, most customer-focused and most successful independent retail pharmacy in the world. ABOUT US »

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